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About Company

Biosyncaucho’s project objective is the development of high value added chemical products from renewable raw materials.

Biosyncaucho was incorporated (May 2015) with Tecnalia’s strategic vision and commitment in the field of energy and the environment.

TECNALIA Research & Innovation transferred the intangible assests and a cash contribution to a New Company “Biosyncaucho S.L.” (2015, May), owned by TECNALIA and a private equity fund, KEREON Partners.

The project was sponsored by the Omega Fund, managed by Tecnalia Ventures with the collaboration of Kereon Partners (private investment fund).

Biokemik is the commercial denomination of the new Business Unit.

Investments Opportunities

Investors (financial)

Agents willing to support Biokemik as a growth, scalable high internationalization potential company (for equity).


Potencial customers willling to validate the biomolecules for single or multiple applications


Companies willing to acquire a independent license for the biomolecules.

Industrial Partners

Investors willing to: (a) support the last mile of BD development, (b) scale-up and industrialize products (for equity).

Smart Capital

Agents of any link in the value chain and new business models: Access to channels and final customers, Engineering, Catalyst experts and companies willing to add value to their Waste/Sub/Co-products providing raw materials.

Actual investors

Samples Request

Green Chemicals (Bio-1,3-Butadiene, Bio-2,3-Butanediol, Bio-Acetoin, Bio-Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone)

Relevant team

The company is integrated by an experienced Team, who has successfully developed and launched a number of spin-offs.


MSc. Jesús TorrecillaPresident of the Board of Directors, Biokemik

Master in Sciences, Univ. of Basque Country (Spain). Commercialization Director, Tecnalia. Tech. Transfer (6), Licensing (5) Startup funding (5)


Dr. José Ramón OchoaScientific Advisor

Chemistry PhD, Univ. of Basque Country, MBA (IE Business School) (Spain). Principal Researcher, Tecnalia. Books (1), Patents (26), Publications (80).


Mr. José TesánBoard Member

Civil Engineer, Univ. of Basque Country (Spain). Business Development, Kereon Partners.


Dr. Francisca Río
Senior Research Scientist, Biokemik

Chemistry PhD, Univ. of Basque Country (Spain). Senior Research Scientist, Tecnalia. Publications (15), Patents (5).


Dr. Walter RamírezBusiness Development Director, Biokemik

Doctor in Sciences, Université Lyon-I (France). Founder of Innventik S.L. Global Technology Director, Dynasol. NewTech. (15), Pat.(4), Public. (25), Spin-offs (4).


Dr. Tomás Roncal
Biotechnology Expert

Chemistry PhD, Univ. of Basque Country (Spain). Senior Research Scientist, Tecnalia. Publications (27), Patents (7).


Biokemik’s technology to obtain Bio-chemicals via proprietary fermentation, chemical and separation processes, is protected via Patents and Patent Applications..

CECT microorganisms (Biological Risk 1) developed for high selectivity and activity, using cheap, accessible, non-alimentary raw materials, are registered.

Patents and I.P.

The technology is protected by seven patent family applications (one of them granted) and three CECT registered microorganisms.